Sick of glitzy awards shows with pampered celebrities swigging champagne? Ever wanted to go yourself?



A survey conducted of Londoners going about their daily commute generated some interesting findings. Of the awards shows most notably in the press, approximately 0% of those interviewed had been to the Oscars, the BAFTAs, or to the Rear of the Year awards. In fact, there was even some skepticism as to the format and criteria for the latter award ceremony.


Instead, when probed about the awards events they had been to, an interesting array of subjects were uncovered. These included:


Accountant of the Year

Trouser Press UK Awards

Marketing Budget Overspend of the Quarter

CAMRA Real Ale Beard of the Region

Pipe of the Year

National Trophy Makers Award Ceremony

Envelope Openers Anonymous

Weight Watchers Dinner and Hog Roast


An impressive array, but most of the merry Commuters interviewed expressed dissatisfaction at the events they’d attended. There were almost no utterances of bad language, a distinct lack of glamour and apart from Pipe of the Year, there was no nudity.


Fortunately, Reading Berks Productions will be performing ‘The SHAFTAs comedy sketch awards show as part of the London Festival Fringe. This will provide anyone who has never been to an awards show, or been left frustrated by the lack of Trouser Press peer recognition with an opportunity to set that right.  The awards show runs from Wednesday 18th to Saturday 21st August 2010, 8.30pm at the Phoenix Artist Club in Soho, London WC2H 0DT.  Tickets cost £8. The show can be enjoyed by adults aged 16 and above. Nudity, however, still isn’t involved.



The Reading Berks Comedy Productions group formed in 2008 and has performed at the Henley Fringe Festival (“a cultural collage with charming observation.” © Fringe Report) and the Reading Comedy Festival.




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